What is the Belt Conveyor pulleys?
Aug 28, 2018

Built-in electric roller

      1.Introduction on Belt Conveyor pulleys

 Belt Conveyor pulleys(It can also be called electric roller) is a new type of drive for belt conveyor.It is produced by us with the most internationally advanced technique,it is of compact size,good leak profess,small footprint and light weight.It is of long service life and easy to maintain.It is widely applicable ans reliable.Can be used for streamlines or material conveying lines in different applications,is one of products that are widely spreading.

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                                                                  Belt Conveyor pulleys


(1)DY type oil-cooled electric roller is a conventional electric roller that is widely used in China at present;it used special-purpose oil-cooled motor and is of reliable performance.The motor is cooled by showering oil.

(2)DYⅡ type oil-immersed electric roller has the same parameters,outline and installation dimensions with that of DY type oil-cooled electric roller,the motor is oil immersed,and it is cooled by direct oil immersed.

*It is high efficiency and low noise.DY,DYⅡtype electric roller,can be in form of one-return roller,and explosion-proof electric roller.

(3) JD type oil-immersed electric roller is a new inner drive for high efficiency,compact size,long service life and light weight.Can meet requirements for mini size and low an electric roller of the latest structure at present.

(4) DYA movable oil-immersed electric roller is a drive for various movable belt conveyors,It’s of compact size,light weight,safe and reliable to use.

(5)YT large power oil-immersed electric roller is a mating product for big and middle belt conveyors from our company.It employs advanced reducer,has high torque and accuracy,can be used under harsh condition as dusty and damp,etc. Environment.


     3.Order symbol explain:

            For example: DY - 11 - 1.6 - 650 - 500

            DY----DY type oil-cooled electric roller symbol

            11----Roller power P (kw)

            1.6----Velocity of roller surface V (m/s)

            650----Belt width B (mm)

            500----Roller diameter D (mm)

*For more product parameters, size and price, please contact Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co., Ltd.





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