What kind of helical gearboxes are used for cranes?
Jan 07, 2019

Gearboxes, as its name implies, is a device that reduces speed and increases torque. It is widely used and covers almost all walks of life.

Take the construction machinery industry as an example, it can be divided into many application area:

 1). A walking reducer, such as one used on a excavator.

 2). A hoist reducer, such as one used on a crane.

 3). Mixing reducers, such as those used in concrete mixers,

 4). A rotary reducer, such as one that rotates the upper half of a excavator.

 5). A cutting reducer, such as one used in a roadheader.

 6). Yaw/pitch reducers, such as those used in wind power equipment

There are many other industries, automobile gearboxes, and so on. You can almost see the shadow of the reducer.

So,What kind of helical gearboxes are used for cranes?  Let's have a chat today.

Hard-tooth-surface helical gearboxes for crane is divided into QY series crane gearbox and QJY series crane gearbox.

 1. QY series crane gearbox

QY hard-tooth-surface gear reducer is developed on the basis of medium hard tooth surface reducer for QJ series cranes. QY series reducers include QYS type (three fulcrums) and QYD type (base type) two series of hard tooth surface reducers for cranes. It has three types: three-level, four-level and three-four-level combination. QY reducer is welded with steel plate, the box is annealed to remove stress, the gear is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, the tooth surface is carburized and quenched, and grinded. The product quality is stable and the performance is reliable.


2. QJY series crane gearbox

QJY hard-tooth-surface gear reducer is a crane gear reducer with hard tooth surface (carburizing and quenching) developed by the factory according to the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets. It includes three basic types of 12 types: QJY2, QJYD2, QJYA2, QJY3, QJYD3, QJYA3, QJY23, QJY23, QJY34, QJYD34 and QJYA34. QJY series reducer is suitable for crane operation mechanism, also widely used in transport, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, light industry and other mechanical equipment drive mechanism.


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