Why do the gears of automobile gearbox bevel?
Jan 05, 2019

In the transmission of spur gear, the contact line on the tooth surface is a straight line parallel to the axis, and the engagement of the teeth contacts or separates at the same time along the whole tooth width, so the transmission of spur gear is liable to cause impact, vibration and noise; in the transmission of helical gear, the contact line on the tooth surface moves along the meshing plane, that is, from the top of the tooth to the meshing, and the contact line changes from short to long, and then from long. Shortening, and the first tooth is not completely separated, the next tooth has entered meshing, so that each tooth load from small to large, and then from large to small, making the meshing process smooth, eliminating impact, vibration and noise. Moreover, because the gear teeth are spiral, the contact line on the tooth surface in the meshing area is larger than that of the straight teeth.

Therefore, helical gears are better than straight gears in force or transmission, especially in high-power and high-speed transmission.

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