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Analysis Of Heating And Oil Leakage Of Worm Gearbox
Sep 07, 2018

    Starred-River Worm Gearbox is a kind of transmission machine with compact structure, high transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. It is one of the commonly used reducers. Among them, Starred-River hollow shaft worm Street reducer not only has the above characteristics, but also is easy to install, reasonable structure, and more and more widely used.

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                                                                                          Worm Gearbox

    A worm gear reducer is added to the input end of the worm gear and worm reducer of Starred-River hollow shaft worm gear reducer. The multi-stage reducer can obtain very low output speed. It is a combination of helical gear and worm gear, and has higher efficiency than the single-stage worm gear reducer. Moreover, the vibration is small, the noise is low, and the energy consumption is low.

    The performance and quality of Starred-River reducer are very excellent, but in some cases there will be heating and oil leakage fault, the specific reasons are as follows:

     In order to improve the efficiency of Xinghe turbine reducer, non-ferrous metal is generally used as worm gear, and the worm is made of harder steel. Because it is sliding friction transmission, it will produce higher heat during operation, so that the thermal expansion between the parts and seals of the reducer will be different, resulting in gaps in various mating surfaces. The oil becomes thinner due to the increase of temperature, which is easy to cause leakage.

    There are 4 main reasons for the heating and leakage of the Starred-River gear reducer.

    1, whether the material matching is reasonable.

    2. Surface quality of mesh friction surface.

    3, the choice of lubricating oil, the amount of addition is correct.

    4, assembly quality and use environment.

    Of course, this situation is still very rare, Star River reducer manufacturers are trying to do better, so that all factory products are no problem. If you encounter problems, our after-sale will also actively solve it for you.

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