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Avoiding Common 7 Problems For Working With Gear Reducer Motors
Oct 22, 2018

Gear reducer motors generally reduce the speed of the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation power through the input shaft of the gear reducer motor, the number of teeth less gear meshing the output shaft of the gear reducer shaft gear to achieve the purpose of deceleration, therefore, gear reducer motor in the operation of all kinds of factories play an important role, so, In the selection of gear reducer must pay attention to the problems as well as moving, installation and other aspects of the need to pay attention to what are the following for everyone to introduce one by one:

1. Do not use outside the specifications of the gear box and motor nameplate or product catalogue to avoid electric shock, injury and damage to the device. Please do not put your fingers or articles into the gear or motor openings to avoid electric shock, injury, fire and damage to the device. Please do not use a gearbox or gear reducer with a wound to avoid injury or fire. Please do not remove the nameplate.

2. When moving, it is very dangerous to fall off or dump. Please pay enough attention to it.

3. Installation: please do not place inflammable substances around the gear box and motor so as to avoid fire. Please do not place objects around the motor, affecting the ventilation and cooling of the motor, or even because of unusual overheating and scalding or fire. Do not touch the keyway of gear and motor shaft end and gear part to avoid injury. In food machinery and other devices that may produce smoke, please install an oil cup in the installation site to prevent oil leakage of the product has adverse effects.

NCD Planetary Gearbox

NCD Planetary Gearbox

4. Pairs of gear reducer motor main mechanical connection, in the rotating part, please set up safety helmet and so on, to prevent injury. Before making mechanical connection with the other party, please confirm the direction of rotation. If the rotation direction is not correct, it is possible to hurt or destroy the device.

5. Wiring: when measuring insulation resistance, please do not touch the terminals, so as to avoid the danger of electric shock. Please connect with the power supply according to the wiring diagram or instruction manual, so as to avoid electric shock or fire. No terminal box, please strengthen the connection of the insulation, the power cable and motor leads, do not bend, stretch, clamp too much, in order to avoid electric shock danger. Earthing terminals should be firmly grounded to avoid electric shock. It is necessary to use the power conforming to the nameplate requirements so as to avoid burning motor and fire.

6. Operation: in operation, never approach or contact the rotating object (shaft, etc.). If you are involved or injured, please cut off the power switch immediately and deal with it in time. When power is cut off, be sure to turn off the power switch and prevent the device from hurting or damaging the device after calling. Please note that the motor with thermal protector will automatically cut off the power supply when the motor temperature is abnormal, and when the motor temperature drops to a certain value, the motor will automatically resume work. (Note: the motor will automatically recover without burning out).

7. Daily inspection and maintenance: In ordinary times, keep the gear reducer motor in the normal working environment. Please do not contact the rotating object (shaft, etc.) during inspection. There may be involvement and injury. When checking the goods, please confirm whether the spot is consistent with the order. Choosing the wrong product may cause the motor to be damaged or damaged.

Therefore, in the selection or use of gear reducer need to pay attention to most of the above problems, hoping to bring help to customers and friends, gear reducer in factories, large equipment production companies play a major role, so in the selection and use of aspects can not be ignored, about gear reducer can not be ignored The problem is that the major production plants need to be kept in mind.

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