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Brief Introduction Of System Classification Of Reducer
Sep 04, 2018

    From the development level of reducer, there are many kinds of reducer products, China Star River Machine finishing the specific reducer system classification as shown in the table below.

  Deceleration principle

             ExampleTechnology maturity / market segmentationAdvantages and disadvantages

General gear ratio deceleration

  Cylindrical gear reducer

Traditional / mature / dominant market

The speed reduction ratio is small and the volume is large

         Cycloid reducer

The mature / medium to scale market occupies the main market

The manufacturing process is complex and the manufacturing accuracy is high

Low gear difference deceleration

  Three ring gear reducer

In the market promotion stage / market share is smallerHigh impact noise, high installation and adjustment requirements

   Two ring gear reducer

Immature technology / market promotion

The structure is simple, the speed ratio is wide, and the transmission power can not be too large
Three gear deceleration  Planetary gear reducer      Mature technologyMore speed reduction parts, larger radial size


  Harmonic deceleration

      Harmonic reducer

Mature technology, structure still needs to be perfected / occupy the marketCompact structure, wide speed range, complex process and high cost

     Slant deceleration

         Screw actuator

Research stage / market to be promoted

Compact structure, high power density, not suitable for full rotation

 Deceleration of live teeth

   Movable teeth reducer

There are still some key technical problems to be solvedCompact structure, slow output mechanism integration, easy to generate heat
Denaturation of working substanceMagnetic thixotropic transmissionThe research stage / market is not yet availableSmall vibration, low noise and variable speed

                 Table: comparison of various reducer systems

    The mature and standardized products are cylindrical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, cycloid pinwheel reducer and harmonic reducer.

     *China Starred-River machine manufacturer recommends hardened conical cylindrical gear reducer.

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