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Common Knowledge Of Speed Reducer Gear Boxes
Nov 07, 2018

With the increasing demand in the field of industrial manufacturing, speed reducer is also widely used in our daily life. Nowadays, for the shell of this kind of equipment, it is directly related to the overall appearance of the key, and it is also an important indicator to determine the quality of a product. So, today we will introduce the case of gear reducer, hoping to give you a reference.

First, the gear boxes(shell) is thin, easy to crack, resulting in oil leakage, resulting in insufficient lubrication, poor heat dissipation, affecting the use of reducer.

Second: the gear reducer on the shell has the same problem, but the relative speed is slower.

Thirdly, the primer of gear reducer shell must be done well, which is one of the most important links to prevent rust and oil leakage of gear reducer shell.

Fourth: finally, the speed reducer shell can not be beaten by heavy hammer, and can not be re thrown.

The problem of gear reducer shell protection and quality is very important. If the small details are not handled properly, it will cause bad application in large areas. Although it is only a shell, if there is a problem, it will have a great impact on the overall equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the four points mentioned above and pay attention to the maintenance of the shell. . To prevent problems.

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