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Detailed Explanation Of Gearbox Repair Contents
Aug 24, 2018

        Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery specializes in the production of various types of transmission machinery products, such as worm gear reducer motor, direct cross-shaft reducer, gearbox and so on. This article will mainly introduce the contents of gearbox for Hangzhou Starred-River machine.

        The contents of the gearbox's repair include minor repair, medium repair and overhaul:

        1. Gear reducer minor repair content:

            (1).Clean the body's internal grease and debris, replace lubricating oil or grease.

            (2).Check and tighten bolts in all parts.

            (3).Check and eliminate the leakage of oil at each joint and seal.

        2. Gear reducer medium repair content:

            (1). Including minor repairs content.

            (2). Disassembly inspection, cleaning all parts, flushing the body grease and debris.

            (3). Remove the lubricating oil and dredge the oil circuit.

            (4). Check and replace all kinds of bearings and skeleton rubber oil seals.

            (5). Check and replace dipping pad paper pad, oil resistant rubber gasket and O seal ring.

            (6). Check, replace the pin gear sleeve, pin pin, output shaft pin and pin sleeve.

            (7). Find the positive coupling to ensure the coaxality of the reducer shaft and the drive shaft.

         3. Gear reducer overhaul content:

            (1). Including the medium repair content.

            (2). Check, repair or replace key parts such as cycloidal gear, pinion housing, output shaft and swivel arm.

            (3). Check, repair or replace seat, fastening ring, isolation ring and cam.

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