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Gearbox Classification By Starred-River Machinery Manufacture
Aug 25, 2018

         Gearbox is a kind of deceleration transmission mechanism of all kinds of general mechanical equipment. It has been applied in many industries, such as lifting, transportation, metallurgy, mining, construction, pharmaceutical and prevention and control industries. Many people may think that a gearbox is one. In fact, there are many different classifications.

         The classification of Starred-River speed reducer is as follows:

           1, Planetary cycloid gearbox

           2, Worm and worm gearbox

           3, Gear reducer, Starred-River gearbox series.

           4, Planetary gear gearbox

           5, Continuously variable gearbox

           6, Special gearbox

           7, Harmonic gearbox

           8, Three ring gearbox

           9, Belt drive gearbox

          10, Precision gearbox

          11, Combined gearbox

          12, Sinking and gearbox

          13, Parallel shaft decelerating motor

          14, Miniature DC gearbox

          15, Spur wheel geared motor

          16, AC decelerating motor

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