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General Causes And Adjustment Methods Of Spindle Heating Of Worm Gearbox
Aug 16, 2018


      Why do we find that worm gearboxes are often feverish? It's a problem that can't be solved by non-professionals. There is my personal opinion is for reference only.

   1. The common cause of bearing heating, whether it is rolling bearings or sliding bearings, from the bearing assembly reasons, the clearance adjustment of sliding bearings is too small, the preload of rolling bearings is too large, it will increase the resistance of bearing rotation, resulting in bearing heating. For the internal reason of bearing, if the surface roughness of journal bearing is not correct, the shape is not correct, and the manufacturing precision of rolling bearing is low, the bearing will work at low precision and high speed, and the rotating resistance will be increased, which will cause the bearing to heat up. In terms of the influence of matching parts, it is mainly due to the influence of external forces that the spindle is bent, the coaxiality of the front and rear bearing holes of the box body is excessive, or the driving belt of the spindle is adjusted too tightly, or the heavy-weight rotating parts installed on the spindle are not accurately manufactured, and are affected by the deformation of external forces and the inhomogeneity of internal structure. If the coaxiality error of the rotating axis is too large, the centrifugal force will be too large, and the bearing will be subjected to very large abnormal force, which will cause the bearing to heat up. From the working environment, the reason why the bearing is heated is that the lubrication condition is not good. For example, the supply of lubricating oil is not smooth; the amount of added grease is not enough; the use of lubricating oil, grease brand is not correct, not clean, etc. Secondly, the protective measures are not good, so that dirt and dust in the working environment will enter the bearings.

     2. General elimination methods for bearing heating worm gearboxes.

      (1) First, check whether the lubrication condition of bearing is satisfied.

      (2) Check whether the bearing is subjected to excessive centrifugal force.

      (3) Check whether the clearance of bearing is properly adjusted.

     (4) After the above checks and adjustments, if the bearing is still hot, can consider the removal of the spindle, check the quality of the bearing internal problems, and repair and update. When the equipment is subjected to abnormal external force or accidental damage, the deformation of the spindle and box bearing hole should also be considered. Check whether the spindle is bent, and whether the front and rear axle holes are coaxial. Finding problems must be symptomatic.

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