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How Is Gearbox Fault Diagnosis Connected With Cutting-edge Technology?
May 16, 2018

   Gear box in the diagnosis of foresight will present the development direction of advanced science and technology into fault diagnosis is a big trend of gearbox fault diagnosis, the future of the fault diagnosis of gearbox should with cutting-edge technology, so how to gearbox fault diagnosis with cutting-edge technology?

    The development direction mainly includes the following aspects :

   (1) Theoretical research on the fault source and vibration mechanism of gearbox. Gear box structure is more complex, the working conditions are also very diverse, in fault diagnosis, the problems will be more involved, the vibrations of the troubleshooting and mechanism of the research is not thorough, some qualitative conclusions are generally, using the mathematical model is a complete quantitative analysis is difficult. 

  (2) To integrate with the most advanced sensor technology, especially laser testing technology. At present, the laser testing technology of chromatograph has been developed deeply in vibration measurement and equipment fault diagnosis in various fields, and it has been applied successfully in vibration measurement and rotating machinery. 

   (3) The fault diagnosis technology should be combined with the new signal processing method. At present, the traditional signal processing technology based on fast Fourier transform has been developed, and the latest signal processing method has been applied in equipment fault diagnosis. 

   (4) Learn from modern intelligent methods. Modern intelligent methods are composed of expert system, fuzzy logic, neural network and evolutionary computation. A program must contain a knowledge base consisting of a fact set, and the program must also provide a reliable conclusion through the knowledge base while consulting the session.

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