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How Much Gear Precision Can Be Achieved In Precision Reducer?
Dec 08, 2018

The gear accuracy of precision reducer is much higher than that of ordinary gear reducer, which can be achieved by precision gear. The gear material of precision gear reducer is divided into metal gear, plastic gear and powder metallurgy gear, which are used in various types of precision reducer. Starred-River Machinery Co., Ltd. concentrates on manufacturing and design. Precision reduction gearbox and precision gear forming die.

Precision Gear Reducer Parameters and Gear Accuracy:

Product Classification: Hardware Planetary Gear Box

Product model: ZWMD006006

Product Specification: 6MM Products

Voltage: 3-24V

No-load speed: 11-3824 rpm (customizable)

No-load current: 30-40 mA MAX (customizable)

Load speed: 8-3229 rpm (customizable)

Load current: 100 mA MAX (customizable)

Speed ratio: 23.04-1707.9 (customizable)

Accuracy range: (customizable)

General Accuracy: 3-8 arcs (customizable)


Gear Accuracy Manufacturing of Reducer:

The gear reduction box with gears is carburized and quenched by low carbon alloy steel, and then grinded by NC gear. The strength and transmission accuracy that meets the requirements of gears are regenerated, that is, the relevant regulations of gear accuracy grade of gear speed reducer.

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