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How To Adjust Speed Of Gear Reduction Motor?
Nov 09, 2018

The application and research of gear reduction motor has been paid more and more attention. In the field of micro and special motors, it occupies the main position in the field of low power and high speed. Next, I would like to know your main speed regulation method.

1. The gear reduction motor manufactured by the gear deceleration motor manufacturer can adjust the speed of the gear deceleration motor by adding a control board to the power supply voltage, and adjusting the power supply voltage can adjust the speed of the gear reducer motor.

2, Gear reduction motor speed and speed are two different things. Speed regulation refers to the intention of changing the supply voltage of DC motor to adjust the speed, while deceleration refers to the deceleration of the decelerator whose speed ratio must be fixed in the outlet device of DC motor.

3. There are two kinds of drive of gear deceleration motor: built-in type and external type. Most of the built-in drive motor can not adjust speed. Whether the external drive can adjust speed depends on the structure of the driver.

The above content is the main method of speed regulation of gear deceleration motor. As long as we master the above content, we can operate the product correctly and ensure the correct operation and use of the product.

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