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How To Choose Gearbox And Geared Motor?
Jan 30, 2019

The selection of geared motor and gearbox is directly related to the normal operation of the gear reducer after that. Therefore, how to select the geared motor is one of the most concerned topics for the gear reducer users. So what elements should we pay special attention to when choosing reducer ?

First, before choosing the reducer, we need to determine the environment and the primary operation method of the reducer in the future, and calculate the basic values of the computer power we need, and select the required voltage, frequency and so on. 

At present, there are 110V, 220V, 380V and other multi-stage voltages available for selection in our country, and other motors at each stage can not be mixed. Therefore, the preparation work before choosing the reducer motor must be done well. After preparing for the selection of the reducer motor, we can select the motor according to the future working environment of the reducer. If it is used in the environment with more dust and liquid, it is necessary for us to require the geared motor to be dustproof and waterproof when selecting the motor. According to the future working space of the reducer and the planning method of the relevant reducer, we should also select the matching horizontal or vertical device engine, etc. In a word, the selected engine must be used to the future operation.

Reducer is widely used in industrial production, especially in the manufacturing production line, reducer is not a short equipment. As the core component of the reducer, the reducer motor will directly affect the normal operation of the whole reducer.

When choosing decelerator motors, keep in mind that greed, greed and cheapness, we need to be clear, we need to select the motor, the requirements are suitable for our use. So how to choose the specific reducer motor? This should be considered from these aspects: motor power, motor type and so on. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the normal operation of the reducer and take into account the economic criteria, it is better to select a slightly larger power than the reducer, but it should not be too large. This is mainly because the lower power will cause the motor to drive the reducer without moving, which will lead to motor wear and tear. If the motor power is too large, it will lead to serious motor damage. In addition, in the calculation of specific power, the radial force between reducer and motor, working environment and many other factors need to be considered as a whole. Generally speaking, X2 type can accompany 1.5 motor, X3 type can be equipped with 2.2 and so on.

In addition, we also need to select different geared motors according to the reducer and local conditions, including two-phase motor, three-phase motor and so on.


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