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How To Design Gear Reducer Motor Module?
Oct 26, 2018

Gear reducer motor is a mechanical and electrical product which integrates speed reducer and motor. It can also be called a reducer with motor. Its advantages of saving space and convenient selection are recognized by the market. From the design point of view, design a set of specific modules, within a certain range of composition of a variety of different functions or the same function of different performance products, namely module design.

In China, the decelerator and the motor belong to 2 different industries. Moreover, the variety specifications are more extensive, only as far as our company has manufactured, its installation size up to 300, output power from 0.12 kW to 200 kW, output torque from 10 Nm to 5500 Nm, various specifications up to 6000.

Modular design is particularly necessary and urgent for gear reducer motors with extremely large variety and specifications. The starting point of modular design of gear reducer motors is "to change with less allergy". The following three problems should be considered comprehensively in the design.

Slewing Planetary Reducer

Slewing Planetary Reducer

1. Reasonably determine the type spectrum and parameters of gear reducer motors.

According to market investigation, customer needs, technical and economic feasibility analysis, the type spectrum of gear reducer motor is determined, and the reasonable parameters to improve the universality of the module are considered. On the premise that the main parameters and sizes can meet the technical and economic requirements as far as possible, the output shaft size, length, foot hole diameter, hole spacing, flange installation type flange flange stop diameter, hole spacing, hole diameter, outside diameter and other parameters of the whole series of reducers are in line with the international general installation size.

2.Design of gear reducer motor module 

Considering the connotation of the system, the type and quantity of modules can be reasonably determined only when the overall, functional, performance and cost of the product are comprehensively analyzed.

According to the function, the module of gear reducer motor can be divided into four categories: power module, transmission module, connection module and additional module. The modules can be refined. For example, the power module can set up the modules of shaft, bearing, box, gear, oil seal and so on. Consider the versatility of modules in the whole series. For example, in gear design, the helix angle is 20 degrees, the tooth width coefficient is 0.35, and the modulus, tooth number and modification coefficient are the same. In this way, gear as a module has versatility.

For example, gear reducer motor module design:

Cylindrical gear reducer motor can be divided into: box module, end cover module, shaft module, gear pair module, input shaft module and bearing, seal key, screw, pin module.

RD personnel have mastered the technical standards, such as box high-strength castings block-type combination design, CNC machining center boring; gear forgings with high-quality alloy steel, carburizing, quenching and grinding after cutting teeth, accuracy of ISO1328 6 (cylindrical gear) or AGMA390.03 10 (bevel gear); shaft forgings with high-quality alloy steel, quenching and tempering And grinding after turning; Rolling bearing selection of high-quality brand; Fastener selection of high-strength class; Motor using composite IEC standard of high-quality and high-efficiency motor.

3. Gear reducer motor module combination

When designing the gear reducer motor module, we should consider the design of the joint parts. In order to ensure the interchangeability of the module, the joint position should be positioned and connected, and its shape, size and fit should conform to the standard as far as possible and be easy to process. Ensure that fewer modules are combined into products with different functions and performance.

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