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How To Improve The Gear Quality Of Gear Reducer?
Jan 28, 2019

Generally speaking, gear is the most important part of gear reducer. The reliability of the overall operation of gear reducer largely depends on the accuracy and quality of gear processing. So,how to improve the gear quality of gear reducer?

The specific methods are as follows:

1. Improving the Gear Processing Accuracy of Gear Reducer

The accuracy of gear reducer's shaft teeth is mainly related to motion accuracy, stationarity accuracy and contact accuracy. In the hobbing process of gear reducer, the motion accuracy is ensured by controlling common normal length and ring diameter jump, the smoothness accuracy is ensured by controlling tooth profile error and pitch deviation, and the contact accuracy is ensured by controlling tooth orientation error.

At present, the gear processing method of gear reducer is hobbing and shaving, which requires more stringent requirements. Only by giving full play to this technology level can high-precision gears be produced, and shaving accuracy can largely calibrate the hobbing accuracy of gear reducer. Therefore, some errors in hobbing must be strictly controlled to produce high-quality gears.

2. Reducing the radial runout error of gear reducer ring

The radial runout of the ring of gear reducer refers to the maximum variation of the probe relative to the axis of the gear teeth in the range of the first rotation of the gear, when the probe is in contact with both sides of the middle and middle part of the tooth in the slot or on the gear teeth.

That is, the eccentricity of the gear ring relative to the axis center line of the gear reducer. This eccentricity is caused by the non-coincidence or large deviation between the two central holes of the part and the rotary center of the worktable when installing the parts of the gearbox.

Or because the pinion and pinnacle hole of the gearboxes are not manufactured well, the eccentricity caused by the poor contact of the positioning surface, so reducing the radial runout error of the gear reduction reducer ring can effectively improve the quality and accuracy of the gear.

In a word, if the gear quality and precision of the gear reducer are not enough, it will not only accelerate the wear of the gear itself, but also greatly reduce the service life, and is not conducive to the stable operation of the gear reducer. So to analyze and solve the problem of the gear quality and accuracy of the gear reducer from the above two points is very conducive to strengthening the gear reducer's deceleration effect and transmission power, and there are also some problems. Effectively reduce the occurrence of faults.

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