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How To Lubricate The Newly Purchased Worm Gear Reducer When Used?
Sep 29, 2018

The following 3 points are specific:

1. The new worm gear and worm gear reducer or the newly replaced worm gear and worm pair must be replaced 7-14 days after the first operation; the quality of the lubricating oil should be checked regularly in future use, and the lubricating oil containing impurities or deterioration must be replaced in time. For long-term continuous operation of the worm gear and worm reducer, lubricating oil must be replaced every 2-3 months; for the worm gear and worm reducer working no more than 8 hours a day, lubricating oil must be replaced every 4-6 months; in bad working conditions, the number of times to replace lubricating oil should be increased appropriately.

2. When changing oil regularly, the interior of worm gear and worm reducer should be cleaned, and the contact condition of tooth surface, axial clearance of worm and bearing should be checked. If abnormality is found, the parts should be adjusted or replaced; after replacing the parts, the parts should be re-tested before putting into operation. For continuously working worm gear and worm reducer, the oil temperature should be checked frequently during operation. When the oil temperature exceeds 90, the machine should be stopped immediately to check, troubleshoot or replace lubricating oil before continuing work.

3. Choosing the right lubricant is also very important, according to the actual situation such as the installation position in the course of use can choose sticky high lubricant for filling and replacing.

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