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How To Manipulate The Turn-off Of Precision Divider?
Nov 23, 2018

Cam divider manufacturer Introduces the Method of Manipulating the Turn-off of Precision Divider

Introduce the method of turning and stopping the precision divider.

1. Generally, the divider has four and six divisions. One end of the divider is driven by the motor, and the other end is the control part. It is judged by the proximity switch. The start and stop of the motor are judged by the proximity switch.

2. For example, for 4 partitions, there is a circular metal body with a quarter notch at the other end of the partitioner, and the proximity switch is to sense the metal body. Every turn, a quarter of the notch can not be sensed. That means that the partitioner is in place and can stop, so it will stop in place.

3. Any time the proximity switch is induced to the metal body. After starting, a quarter of the gap can not be sensed when it rotates. If the inductor detects no induction, then let the motor stop working, so as to accurately locate the position without delay control, otherwise there will be dislocation.


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