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How To Prevent And Control The Oil Leakage Of Reducer?
Sep 14, 2018

To prevent and control the oil leakage of the reducer, we should improve and perfect the technology, production process, quality control and other aspects. The concrete measures are as follows:

1. The groove of the welded box steel plate is designed according to the thickness stipulation, and the MT and UT inspection of the welded seam is carried out according to the standard requirement; the MT and UT inspection of the casting box is carried out to improve the casting technology and the casting quality.

2. Optimize the design of the scheme, carry out the static and dynamic analysis and calculation of the material and structure under different load conditions on the stiffness and strength of the box, and carry out the modal analysis of the box components to complete the rationality of the design.

3. Increase the surface hardened sleeve on the input and output shaft, grind the hardened surface, improve the surface roughness, ensure the hardness and roughness of the contact with the oil seal lip, design the special lubrication of the oil seal, avoid the early wear of the oil seal.

4. For the reducer with thin oil lubrication and mechanical seal, increase the oil return hole on the bearing seat, set throttle sleeve according to the flow calculation requirements, accurately distribute the flow of each lubrication point to avoid oil shortage or excessive oil supply because of the uneven oil distribution.

5. The threads at the drain hole are changed to be processed after welding to ensure the matching of threads and tolerance requirements; the contact area between the screw plug and the end face of the drain hole is increased to ensure the good contact of the sealing gasket end face.

6. Seal gasket is used between the observation hole cover plate and the box body of the reducer to increase the thickness of the view hole cover plate and reduce the roughness of the joint part; for the cover plate which needs to use plexiglass, the fastening bolt of plexiglass increases the steel pad plate to prevent the breakage of plexiglass.

7. Strict procurement requirements to ensure the quality of ball valves and seals, to avoid the use of such parts as the quality of oil leakage.

8. Strict assembly quality requirements. Establish a reasonable assembly process, strictly implement the assembly process steps, improve the assembly inspection process, the assembly and lubrication pipeline configuration formulation of the "assembly process inspection record" to eliminate the leakage caused by processing and assembly.

9. Formulate the Procedure Control and Inspection Record for the Key Parts and Components Involving the Leakage Oil of the Reducer, and strictly implement the Procedure Control Regulations.

10. Formulate quality assessment system to improve the quality awareness of managers and employees.

11. Strengthen the installation and use of the user's site reducer guidance to avoid leakage caused by installation, use, maintenance and other links.

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