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How To Solve The Fatigue Pitting Of Gear Reducer?
Sep 04, 2018

    Fatigue pitting of gear reducer tooth surface is a common fault, so how to solve this problem? Below is the Xinghe machine manufacturer's detailed analysis.

    First of all, we need to know the causes of pitting on the surface of gear reducer.

                         HB series.png

                           Polygon Hard-Tooth-Faced Speed Reducer

The main points are as follows:

    1. Gear quality, hardness and defect occurrence.

    In general, if the gear material and operation requirements are different, then the fatigue degree of the gear contact surface will increase, leading to this phenomenon has another reason, attributed to the low hardness of heat treatment, so the gear in the operation process can not guarantee the gear due fatigue. Degree. At the same time, if there are certain defects or other problems on the surface of the gear, then the gear will also cause fatigue, leading to the point corrosion occurs.

    2.  The accuracy of gear is relatively poor.

    During the process of gear assembly and assembly,

If the phenomenon does not meet the requirements, especially the accuracy of the gear and the movement of precision defects, as well as the center of the circular-arc gear shell distance errors all indicate that the accuracy of the gear exists problems.

    3. Improper use of lubricating oil.

   The lubricants used in gears need to be brand-specific and model-specific. If the degree of lubricants is low, the performance of lubricants may be poor.

   Knowing the reason, then how to solve it, then, how to solve it concretely? The following measures are taken by Starred-River machine manufacturer:

   To solve the above problems, it is necessary to reduce the roughness of the gear surface as much as possible under the condition of continuously increasing the hardness of the gear surface, so as to increase the variable value of the gear. In addition to reducing the roughness of the surface, lubricating oil should be used to reduce the movement load of the gear. Under the action of the following methods, the pitting corrosion of the gear surface will be reduced.

 Detailed method:

    1. Update gear

    2. Reduce load.

    3. Replace the right lubricant or increase the viscosity.

    4. Replace the shaft with greater rigidity and repair the bearing clearance or reduce the lifting speed.

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