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Lubrication ,Trial Run Under Load And Maintenance For Gearbox
Aug 22, 2018


   There are two lubricating ways,i.e. Oil-bath and Circulation one.For a gearbox working in a high ambient temperature,with high power and speed or working continuously,one shall use circulation lubrication as far as possible,so as to reduce oil temperature and give full play to the bearing capability of the gearbox.

   We produce gearboxes by assuming ail-bath lubrication way,if you need circulation lubrication,you can modify and supplement that by yourself or specify that at ordering so that we can provide oil-circulation cooling unit.

  When the reducer’s working ambient temperature is low,one shall take measure to maintain the oil temperature to be more than 0°C.


          Input shaft speed


Input power


                                        Gear ratio
        Ⅰ<10:1         Ⅰ≧10:1


                   <15             120            150
                  ≧15-55             150            220
                   ≧55                 220            220


                    <7.5                 100            120
                 ≧7.5-37             120            150
                 ≧37             150            220


    The oil level in the oil bath shall be so that when the gearbox stops,the oil level control is at a point a little higher than center of the two graduations of oil leveler.

   Interval for replacing lube:for a new reducer(or a newly-replaced gear),replace lube once after running 10-15 days.Under a normal case,for a reducer running continuously 24h/day,replace lube once in less than 3 months.For a gearbox running less than 10h/day,replace lube once in less than 6 months.

   When the gearbox stops successively for more than 24h,it shall first run at day load when restarting,and can run under load only when the gear and bearing are fully lubricated.


2.Trial run under load

   After installation and before being put into normal production,a reducer must pass trial run under load.Before that,it shall have dry run for 2h.Only when thee dry run is OK,can on start the trial run under load,One shall load it gradually by following the 4 steps in the follows if available:

   First phase is to use 25%,the 2nd phase 50%,the 3rd phase 75%,and the 4th phase is to use 100% rated load.

   For the first phase,the running time will be governed by 1h after oil temperature becomes balanced,but the total running times shall not be less than 2h.Generally,the max,oil temp.shall not be more than 80℃,,and the temp.rise in the machine body shall not be more than 45℃.If it is impossible to increase load gradually on site,one shall dry run at least 2h and run at full load for at least 4h.During the test run,one shall frequently pay attention to the running situation,check the heating up of the bearing,noise and oil leakage.



   During operation,when one finds the oil temp.increase obviously and is more than 80℃,or he finds any abnormal noise,he shall stop the machine and locate the reason,and use it only after correcting that.

   The user shall be furnished with a reasonable system for maintenance and care,and make detailed record about the running situation and any problems found in the check.

   Anti-rust measure shall be taken for a reducer working in an open site or stopped for a long time.

   When handling and hoisting a reducer,one shall lift it smoothly and lay it down slowly,so as to guarantee that the gearbox will not be damaged.

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