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Principle And Characteristics Of Planetary Reducer
Sep 17, 2018

To understand the principle of planetary reducer, we need to know its structure. The planetary reducer is composed of body, planetary frame, planetary gear, sun gear, stage gear, inner gear ring, output bearing, output shaft oil seal, input shaft oil seal and various fixed screws. The planetary gear (combined in the planetary frame), the sun gear stage gear, the inner gear ring are the basic transmission to the four parts of the structure. 

The principles are as follows:

1. The driving source starts the sun gear by direct connection. The sun gear will drive the planetary gear on the planetary gear rack.

2. The whole planetary gear system rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the planetary frame connects the output shaft to accelerate.

3, Higher deceleration ratio needs to be accumulated by multiple stages of gear and planetary gear.

The characteristics of planetary gear reducer are as follows:

1, High torque and impact resistance;

2, Small volume and light gravity.

3, High efficiency and low backlash.

4, Wide range of deceleration and high accuracy.

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