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Principle Of NGW Planetary Gearbox
Aug 25, 2018

         NGW planetary gearbox is a kind of superior performance reducer produced and sold by Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery. Its drive mechanism is gear, which is generally used for low speed and high torque transmission equipment.

         We know that the gearbox is the use of all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of reducing speed, the reducer is composed of all levels of gear pairs, such as small gears to drive large gears can achieve a certain purpose of reducing speed, and then the use of multi-stage such a structure, you can greatly reduce the speed. The working principles are as follows:

        1, The sun wheel driven by servo motor to drive reducer.

         2, The sun wheel re drives the planet wheel supported on the planet boom.

         3, The planetary gear drives the output shaft connected with the outer gear ring through its meshing transmission with the outer gear ring to achieve the purpose of deceleration.

         4, The reduction ratio is related to the specifications of the gear train. Here we need to pay attention to the speed reduction while increasing the output torque, torque output ratio according to the motor output multiply and deceleration ratio, but should not exceed the rated torque reducer. The deceleration also reduces the inertia of the load and reduces the inertia to the square of the reduction ratio.

         The above is the introduction of the principle of NGW planetary gearbox.

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