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Process Analysis Of Accelerometer Sensor
May 16, 2018

Reducer in the design and manufacture of sensors to adapt to ensure that the workpiece surface is conform to the requirements of the uniform distribution, high efficiency of electricity, enough mechanical strength, easy to install, easy to operate etc. The frequency quenching sensor in the groove is mainly composed of the connecting plate, the connecting plate, the tooth shape part and the magnetic conducting body, which is the linear motion of the sensor along the groove. Second, the sensors at the same time of tooth groove along the straight line movement, because the height of the reducer sensors remains the same, for helical gear shaft, gear shaft must therefore according to the size of the spiral Angle of rotary motion.

If gas accumulation at the top of the pump, pump reducer gas increases gradually in the bottom of the oil level in the upper piston mouth, pump power is affected, results in lower efficiency of oil pump is built and long running or frequent crackdown that caused by pump on the sensor before entering the tooth groove guide rod has begun to guide, and guide bar before leave artifacts in the sensor will continue to guide a certain distance; The guide bar can be adjusted in a certain range in height, front and back, and so on.

The mechanical combination of floating ball and lever is simple and reliable. The air tightness of the device is tested by the actual differential pressure of 2 times.

According to the square copper control of the tooth shape, the head of the two turns sensor is made, and the gap between the outer surface and the tooth surface of the sensor head of the reducer is 2mm. Through the feedback of the actual application of the technology device, the failure of the circuit breaker of the device has not been suppressed frequently, and the periodical verification has achieved the desired effect.

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