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Reasonable Installation And Use Of Speed Reducer
May 16, 2018

1, reducer, transmission connection, when necessary, should be equipped with protection device, such as a projection on connection or the use of gear, chain wheel drive, etc., if the output bearing radial load is bigger, also should choose enhanced.

2. The installation position of the reducer shall ensure the operation of the staff, including the convenient access to the vernier, the vent plug and the drain plug. After the installation of the reducer is completed, the inspector shall check the accuracy of the installation position in order to determine the reliability of each fastener.

3, reducer, before operation, and are prepared to run the oil pool of the vent plug off into air plug, open the oil level screw check the oil line height, add lubricating oil more than oil level screw hole to overflow, and then screw oil after a plug and identify and correct, can start commissioning.

4, deceleration machine commissioning time is not less than two hours, standard is functioning, smooth operation, no vibration, no noise, no leakage, no impact, if abnormal condition should be ruled out in time.

5. In the installation of the reducer, special attention should be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis, and the error in the alignment should not exceed the use compensation of the coupling used in the reducer. The speed reducer can achieve better transmission effect and longer service life after it is required.

6, the output of the reducer shaft when installing a driver, must pay attention to the operation of downy, banning the use of hammer tools such as rough installation, it is best to use assembly fixture and internal threads for installation of end shaft to the strength of the bolt screw in the press into the speed reducer drive, in order to protect reducer internal parts will not be damaged.

7, reducer coupling has a variety of optional type, but had better not use fixed rigidity coupling, this kind of coupling installation is difficult, once the improper installation will increase the load capacity, easy to cause the bearing damage, even will cause the output shaft fracture.

8, the fixed speed reducer is very important, to ensure the smooth and strong, in general we reducer should be installed in a horizontal foundation or base, at the same time line should be able to rule out the oil tank and the cooling air circulation fluid. The speed reducer is not fixed, the foundation is not reliable, it will cause, vibration and so on, will also cause the bearing and the gear to suffer unnecessary damage.

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