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Six Principles For Choosing Oil-cooled Electric Drums
Jan 07, 2019

Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co., Ltd. suggests that users should follow the following principles when choosing oil-cooled electric drums, which will greatly help users choose good oil-cooled electric drums.

1. According to the actual working conditions of the main engine, the power of oil-cooled electric drum is determined. Electric drum manufacturers can generally produce power of 1.1KW-55KW.

2. The width of oil-cooled electric drum should be larger than that of conveyor belt from 100mm to 150mm. Its standard width is one class every 50 mm from 200 mm.

3. Oil-cooled electric drums usually work at ambient temperatures ranging from - 20℃ to 40℃, elevations not exceeding 1000m, and conveying materials at temperatures not exceeding 60℃.

4. Oil-cooled electric drums should be installed horizontally and the maximum inclination angle should not exceed 5 degrees.

5. According to the conveying capacity and bandwidth of the main engine, the linear speed of the electric drum is generally 0.5m/s-4.0m/s.

6. The diameter of oil-cooled electric drum is standardized. The diameter of drum that can be produced by general electric drum manufacturers is between Ø215 and Ø800.


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