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Solution To The Broken Shaft Of Planetary Gearboxes And Driving Motor
Dec 01, 2018

The greater the concentricity error between the two planetary gearboxes, the shorter the breaking time of the output shaft of the drive motor. Therefore, while the output shaft of the drive motor is broken, the input end of the gear reducer will also bear the radial force from the output shaft of the drive motor. As a result, the planetary conveyor will break or the input support bearing will be damaged.

Planetary gearbox is a kind of industrial product with a wide range of uses. It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, large transmission ratio, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise and strong adaptability. It can be used as supporting parts in lifting, excavation, transportation, construction and other industries.

On the premise of ensuring precise transmission, planetary reducer can reduce speed, increase torque and reduce the inertia ratio between load and driving motor. But in actual use, faults often occur due to improper installation. 

Among them, the broken shaft of planetary reducer and driving motor is one of the main types of faults. So how to solve the problem of broken axle of planetary gear speed reducer and driving motor?

Some users mistakenly believe that as long as the rated output torque of the selected reducer meets the requirements of the work, in fact, it is not.


First, the rated output torque of the drive motor multiplied by the speed ratio, and the value obtained is in principle smaller than the corresponding rated output torque provided by the product sample of planetary reduction gearbox.

Secondly, the overload capacity of the driving motor and the maximum working torque required in practical application should also be considered.

In theory, the maximum working torque required by the user must be less than twice the rated output torque of the planetary gear reduction unit. Especially in some applications, this criterion must be strictly observed. This is not only to protect the internal gears and shafting of the speed reducer, but also to prevent the output shaft of the reducer from being twisted.

In the process of acceleration and deceleration, if the instantaneous impact torque of the output shaft of planetary reducer exceeds twice its rated output torque, and the acceleration and deceleration are too frequent, the deceleration shaft will eventually be broken. If this happens, it should be carefully calculated and considered to increase the torque margin.

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