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Starred-River Machinery Manufacturer Recommends Hardened Conical Cylindrical Gearbox
Aug 24, 2018

       China Starred-River Machinery Factory specializes in the production of various reducers, transmission machinery and other products, this paper mainly recommends a product with superior performance - hard tooth surface conical cylindrical gearbox.

       The hard tooth surface conical cylindrical gearbox is used for the transmission device with the input shaft and the output shaft arranged vertically. Mainly used in belt conveyor and various transport machinery, also used in coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical, building materials, light industry, petroleum and other general machinery transmission mechanism.

       The structure and characteristics of hardened conical cylindrical gearbox recommended by China Starred-River machinery manufacturer:

       Structure: The first stage drive of hard tooth surface bevel cylindrical gear reducer is Grison spiral bevel gear, and the second and third drives are involute cylindrical helical gears. Under normal circumstances, the gear and bearings are splashed and lubricated by oil pools and naturally cooled. Circulation lubrication or oil pool lubrication with cooling pipes shall be used only when the working balance temperature exceeds the prescribed value or the load carrying power exceeds the thermal power.

       Features: high carrying capacity, low noise, small size, light weight, high efficiency and long service life.

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