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Structural Characteristics Of Worm Gear Reducer
Jan 17, 2019

1. A large transmission ratio can be obtained, which is more compact than the arrangement of interlaced helical gears.

2. Linear contact between the meshing surfaces of two wheels makes the bearing capacity much higher than the arrangement of interlaced helical gears.

3. Worm drive is equivalent to spiral drive, which is multi-teeth meshing transmission, so the transmission is stable and the noise is very low.

4. It has self-locking performance.

When the guide angle of the worm is less than the equivalent contact angle between the meshing gear teeth, the arrangement has self-locking property and can complete reverse self-locking, that is, the worm can only drive the worm wheel, but not the worm wheel. If the self-locking worm arrangement is used in its heavy machinery, its reverse self-locking can provide safety protection effect.

5. The transmission power is low and the wear is severe.

In worm gear and worm meshing transmission, the relative sliding speed between meshing gear teeth is high, so the resistance loss is high and the power is low. On the other hand, the relative sliding speed makes the tooth surface worn severely and heated severely. In order to dissipate heat and reduce wear, materials with better friction and wear resistance and excellent smooth equipment are often used. Therefore, the cost is higher and the axial force of worm is larger.

Application of self-locking function of worm gear reducer:

In the transmission method of reducer, worm gear transmission has the characteristics that other gear transmission does not have, that is, the worm can simply roll the worm wheel, but the worm wheel can not roll the worm. This is because the structure and transmission of worm gears are formed by the end of resistance.

---The self-locking stop function of worm gear and worm drive method is very useful in mechanical application, such as hoist, conveying equipment and so on. However, it is also because the worm gear and worm contradictory transmission method, also constitutes the worm gear and worm's transmission power is much lower than the gear transmission.

★Note: Not all worm gear reducers have good self-locking function. The self-locking function of worm gears should reach a certain speed ratio. This is related to the lead angle, that is, the self-locking function of worm wheel and worm with small speed ratio is not so ambitious.

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