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Type Classification Of Starred-River Gearboxes
Sep 08, 2018

   The type classification of Starred-River Gearbox is basically the same as that of ordinary reducer. Here we mainly introduce the following Xinghe reducer through pictures.

  1. The helical gear-worm gear reducer motor, as shown in Fig. 1, adopts the direct connection form of the motor, which is composed of the first-order helical gear and the first-order worm gear drive. The output is axle mounted and has six basic installation forms. The reducer is characterized by small size, compact structure, strong bearing capacity, various installation methods, good sealing performance, strong adaptability to the working environment.

Helical Worm Gear Reducer--.jpg

                                                                                          Helical--Worm Gearboxes


 2. The polyhedron parallel axis installs the hard tooth surface reducer, it has three kinds of output mode, and can configure the backstop, the characteristic is can match the high power to realize the super high bearing capacity.

Polygonal mounting Gear Reducer--.jpg

Polyhedron Parallel Axis Installs The Hard Tooth Surface Reducer

3.  NGW planetary gearbox, as shown in Figure 3, is mainly composed of sun gear, planetary gear, inner gear ring and planetary structure. The main applicable conditions are: high speed shaft speed does not exceed 1500r/min, gear circumferential speed does not exceed 10m/s, working environment temperature is - 40 to + 45 C.

NGW Planetary Gear Speed Reducer--.jpg

NGW Planetary Gearbox

4. Special micro-gear reducer motor, as shown in Figure 4, is a kind of motor assembled by micro-precision reducer and micro-motor. It is widely used in daily life, especially in daily necessities.

HB series.png

                                                               SLH Parallel Axis Hard-Tooth-Faced Gear Motor

 *Of course, Star River reducer in addition to the above several types of classification, there are other such as worm reducer, helical bevel gear reducer motor and so on, want to know more Star River reducer product models can go to our product center for understanding.

 *For more detailed parameters,size,price.Pls contact the Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Co., Ltd.




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