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Types Of Transmission Machinery
Aug 24, 2018

     Transmission machinery, as the name suggests, is the use of mechanical transmission of power and movement of the transmission. Well, do you know what the transmission machinery has? Starred-River drive to introduce you.

     Starred-River Machinery transmission machinery is mainly divided into two types:

     1. Friction transmission is used to transfer power and motion by friction between machine parts. This kind of transmission includes belt transmission, rope transmission and friction wheel transmission.

     2. The meshing transmission which transfers power or motion by meshing the driving part with the follower or by meshing the middleware. This kind of transmission includes gear transmission, chain transmission, spiral transmission and harmonic transmission.

     Friction drive is easy to realize stepless speed change, most of them can adapt to large shaft spacing transmission occasions, overload skidding can also play a buffer and protect the role of transmission device, but this kind of transmission can not be used in high-power occasions, and can not guarantee accurate transmission ratio.

     Meshing transmission can be used in high-power occasions, transmission is more accurate, but generally requires higher manufacturing accuracy and installation accuracy.

     Starred-River Drive introduces you the basic products of transmission machinery: coupling, infinite speed change machine, screw and slideway, etc.

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