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Use And Maintenance Skills Of Reduction Gear Box
Aug 30, 2018

Use skills:

    1. After 200-300 hours of operation, the oil should be changed for the first time, and the quality of the oil should be checked regularly in future use, and the oil mixed with impurities or deterioration should be replaced in time. In general, for long-term continuous work of the reducer, according to the operation of 5000 hours or once a year to replace new oil, long-term shutdown of the reducer, before re-operation should also be replaced with new oil. Reducer should be added with the same brand of oil, not mixed with different brands of oil, the same brand but different viscosity of oil allowed to mix use;

    2. When changing oil, wait until the reducer is cooled down and there is no danger of burning, but still keep warm, because the viscosity of oil increases after cooling completely, and it is difficult to discharge oil. Attention: cut off the power supply of the transmission device to prevent inadvertent electricity.

    3. In the work, when the oil temperature rises more than 80 degrees centigrade or the oil pool temperature exceeds 100 degrees centigrade and produces the abnormal noise and so on phenomenon should stop using, checks the reason, must remove the malfunction, after replacing the lubricant, can continue to operate;

    4. Users should have reasonable rules and regulations for the use and maintenance of the reduction gear box, the operation of the reducer and problems found in the inspection should be carefully recorded, the above provisions should be strictly enforced.


      Lubricating grease selection according to the travel reducer bearing load selection grease, for heavy loads should choose a small needle penetration grease. When working under high pressure, it has higher oil film strength and extreme pressure function. Calcium-based grease is not easily soluble in water and is suitable for drying and less water environment. When selecting grease according to working temperature, the main indexes should be dropping point, oxidation stability and low temperature function. The dropping point can be used to evaluate high temperature function generally, and the actual working temperature of bearing should be lower than 10-20%. The use temperature of synthetic grease should be lower than 20-30 degrees centigrade.

     Different lubricants are forbidden to mix with each other. The location of the oil level plug, drain plug and ventilator is determined by the location of the installation.

    Oil level check:

     1, cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock. Wait for the reducer to cool down.

     2, remove the oil level plug to check whether the oil is full.

     3, install oil level plug.

     Oil inspection:

     1, cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock. Wait for the reducer to cool down.

     2, Open the drain plug and take the oil sample.

     3, Check the viscosity index of oil: if the oil is obviously cloudy, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

     4, for the reducer with oil plug, check the oil level, whether it is qualified, install the oil level plug.

     Oil replacement:

      After cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and the oil drain is difficult. The reducer should be changed at the operating temperature.

     1, cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock. Wait for the reducer to cool down without burning danger.

        Note: the speed reducer should remain warm when changing oil.

     2, put an oil pan under the oil drain plug.

     3, Open the oil level plug, ventilator and drain plug.

     4, Remove all oil.

     5, install the drain plug.

     6, inject new brand with the same brand.

     7, the oil volume should be consistent with the installation position.

     8, Check the oil level at the oil plug.

     9, Tighten oil level plug and ventilator.

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