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What Are The Causes Of Gear Wear Of Gearboxes?
Aug 29, 2018

   In the previous article, Hangzhou Starred-River gearboxes manufacturer has analyzed the Starred-River reducer gear breakage problem and how to maintain, here do not go into detail. This article is mainly for everyone to analyze the gear wear causes of Starred-River gear reducer.

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                                                                                 Helical Worm Gearboxes


     First of all, the problem of gear wear is analyzed for several reasons.

    1, Because of the lack of oil wear phenomenon.

   2, The inclusion of metal scraps in the lubricating oil used for gears will also cause tooth surface wear to a great extent.

    3,The material of the gear itself does not conform to the operation regulations, so it is easy to cause abnormal wear phenomenon in the work.

    4, There are various kinds of sand holes and blowholes, which will cause wear problems.

    5, Gear heat treatment problems, or some units in the use of heat treatment.

    Then, the gear's meshing accuracy and its kinematic accuracy will wear out if the standard is not up to standard.

    Secondly, the measures to solve the gear wear need to be carried out in the following aspects:

    1,We should gradually enhance the hardness of the gear surface so as to reduce the roughness of the gear surface.

   2, Guarantee the cleanliness of gear running device and lubricating oil, add anti-wear substances to lubricating oil, or add magnets to gear oil tank, use these magnets to absorb metal particles in lubricating oil, reduce the metal content, then the wear degree of gear will naturally reduce.

    Above is the Starred-River gearbox manufacturer analysis about the Starred-River reducer gear wear reasons and solutions to all the content, we hope to help everyone.

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