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What Are The Characteristics Of The Starred-River Helical Geared Motors?
Aug 23, 2018

      The helical geared motors are produced by Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery is a new kind of deceleration transmission device. It adopts the advanced design concept of optimization and modular combination system, which makes it possible to make arbitrary connections and choose various installation positions according to the needs of customers.

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                                                                                   Helical Geared motors

      The helical geared motor of Starred-River has the following characteristics:

      1.Save space, reliable and durable, withstand overload capacity, power up to 132KW;

      2.Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency of up to 95%;

      3.Small vibration, low noise, high energy saving;

      4.Choose high quality forged steel material, steel cast iron box and gear surface after high frequency heat treatment.

      5.After precise machining, to ensure the shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, a helical gear drive assembly of the reducer is equipped with a variety of motors, combined into mechatronics, fully ensuring the use of quality characteristics of products.


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