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What Are The Effects Of Cleanliness On Gearbox?
Jan 05, 2019

1. Effect on smoothness and pipeline accessories

In order to add smooth injection pressure, the diameter of oil holes in gearbox is generally relatively small. After circulation, the smooth oil simply takes out the iron chips remaining in the position of oil holes, and adds impurities in the oil, gradually blocking the small oil holes, resulting in the lack or non-smooth of smooth oil.

The impact on various valve bodies: impurities into the spool, will damage the appearance of the Yan core, affect the sensitivity of the spool, reduce its service life.

2. Effect on Gear and Meshing

In the process of gear meshing, smoothing oil will bring impurities into the meshing tooth surface, damage the smoothness of the tooth surface, reduce the mechanical function of the tooth surface, affect the transmission smoothness, make the tooth surface simple pitting, cementing, wear and other failure, shorten its service life.

3. Effect on Bearings

Under normal smooth conditions, the oil film will be formed between the Parts'exteriors, which will not be touched directly. It can reduce the internal conflict and wear of bearings, improve the bearing function and extend the service life. When the oil contains impurities, impurities enter between the rolling body and the inner and outer rings of the bearing, which increases the conflict and makes the rolling body roll badly. Especially under high speed and heavy load, it will make the inner and outer rings and the rolling body form pits, form pitting corrosion or other failure modes, and affect the service life.

4. Effect on bolts

When sealant or iron scraps enter the threaded hole, when the bolt is screwed in, it will affect the tightening moment of the bolt, so that it can not achieve the expected effect, resulting in excessive force to damage the threaded teeth or failure to tighten the moment leading to oil leakage of the bolt.


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