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What Are The Matters Need Attention In Using Worm Gear Reducers?
Aug 28, 2018

     There are many kinds of Starred-River reducers. Worm gear reducer is a popular product among users. The following is a brief introduction to this product for you.

     Starred-River worm reducer model is very many, different models used in different places, the use of different methods, it is a traditional transmission, by worm, shaft, bearing, box and its accessories constitute.


      The advantages and disadvantages of Starred-River worm reducer are:

       1, Very durable, long service life.

       2, With self-locking function, can effectively enhance the operation.

     3, The disadvantage is that the efficiency is relatively low, and the output is mainly axis, the control of empty return is relatively difficult.


       When we use the Starred-River reducer, we should pay attention to the following three aspects:

       1, The worm gear reducer shell can not be hammered, otherwise it will cause damage.

     2, The turbine reducer should be inspected regularly in case there is a sudden leak in some part and it is not           corrected in time.

       3, If you want to replace the new parts must run through and load test before they can be used.


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