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What Are The Rotational Characteristics Of Worm Gear Reducer?
Nov 03, 2018

What are the rotational characteristics of worm gear reducer? The worm gear reducer drives smoothly and has no noise, because the worm gear is a continuous helical tooth, and it engages with the worm gear continuously. The worm gear does not enter and exit the meshing process, so it works smoothly, and the impact, vibration and noise are relatively small. Worm gear reducer is self-locking.

The spiral angle of the worm is very small. The worm can only drive the worm wheel, but the worm wheel can not drive the worm to rotate. Worm transmission efficiency is low. Generally speaking, worm transmission efficiency is lower than gear transmission. Especially self-locking worm transmission, its efficiency is below 0.5, and its general efficiency is only 0.7-0.9.


                                                                    Polyhedron reducer

Generally speaking, worm gear reducer has large transmission ratio and compact structure. The number of worm heads is expressed in Z1 (general Z1=1~4), and the number of worm gears is expressed by Z2. From the transmission ratio formula I = Z2/Z1, it can be seen that when Z1 = 1, that is, the worm is single head, the worm must rotate Z2 to rotate a worm wheel, so a large transmission ratio can be obtained. Generally in power transmission, the transmission ratio I = 10-80; in the indexing mechanism, I can reach 1000. Such a large transmission, such as gear transmission, needs to adopt multi-stage transmission, so the worm transmission structure is compact, small size, light weight.

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