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What Are The Selection Methods Of Reducer?
Sep 08, 2018

    Starred-River gearbox model is very many, for how to choose, we are here to introduce some methods.

   Take Starred-River precise planetary gear reducer for example, at present many enterprises, in the processing and production, need to use this equipment. Before making use of it, we must clarify the specific principles, and we should also grasp the specific structure. Its structure is divided into single stage deceleration, the smaller value is about three, and the larger value will not exceed ten. In addition, the common deceleration ratio should be clear when using.

   With the increasing market demand, there are many kinds of precise planetary gear reducers on the market. For some inexperienced people, they do not know how to choose.

   Therefore, in order to ensure the selection of a suitable precise planetary gear reducer, this time it should be clear about the selection of precise planetary gear reducer skills. Because only by grasping specific skills can we ensure the overall effect.

  1. When choosing, we should consider the operation parameters, mainly including the speed of gear transmission circle, the input shaft speed, the corresponding working environment and the forward and reverse two-way operation.

   2. In addition, the specific deceleration ratio should be determined when choosing, at this time should be clear about the specific calculation formula, because only if the calculation formula is correct, then in the calculation, to ensure the correctness of the results.

  3. Of course, at this time, we should also fully consider whether there is overload in the motor, if so, we should choose a greater bearing capacity of the reducer.

  4. The backhaul clearance should be considered afterwards. Usually, the smaller the clearance, the higher the precision, and of course, the higher the cost.

For the majority of users, in the choice of gear reducer, should meet the accuracy requirements, but also should consider the average life. In the whole installation process, we should enhance reliability and reduce error.

Compared with other decelerator, Starred-River precision planetary gear reducer has the following characteristics:

  1, high rigidity, high accuracy and high transmission efficiency.

  2, when the equipment fails, the maintenance is more convenient.

  3, Installed on the stepper motor, not only can reduce the speed, but also can improve torque, configuration inertia.

At the same time, the specific structure should be analyzed, and when equipment failures occur, specific solutions should be clear. Under normal circumstances, different failures, the corresponding solution will naturally be different. Therefore, we must consider comprehensively when choosing.

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