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What Are The Standards For Add And Replace The Gearbox Oil?
Nov 08, 2018

We all know that before using gearbox, we should add proper lubricating oil to it. Lubricating oil is certainly not random. What standards do our manufacturers have when adding lubricating oil? Let's know.

The details are as follows:

1. Half a month after the first refueling operation of the new gear reducer (gearboxes), the oil in the tank body is discharged, and the new oil is added to the middle line of the oil window. Reduction Gear Unit with oil window placed horizontally, the refueling standard is 2/3 of the oil mirror when the machine is prohibited. When the gear reducer without oil window is refueling horizontally, remove the observation cover of the upper end of the gear reducer and insert the probe into the bottom of the box vertically (the bottom of the probe vertical box), the oil level is 55 mm-65 mm. It is strictly forbidden to mix the new oil with the old oil.

2. When checking the cycloid gear reducer on weekly inspection and monthly inspection, observe the oil window so that the oil level is located in the middle line of the oil window.

3. Gear reducer, cycloid gear reducer, renew engine oil every six months, renew summer oil in summer, renew winter oil in winter, and clean the old oil when changing oil. It is strictly forbidden to mix the old oil with the new one.


Oil replace cycle:

1. When the gear reducer motor runs for 200-300 hours, the first oil change should be carried out. The quality of oil should be checked regularly in the future use, and the oil mixed with impurities or deterioration should be replaced in time.

2. For long-term continuous working machines, the new oil should be replaced once a year or 5000 hours, and the long-term outage reducer should also replace the new oil before re-running.

3. Oils of the same brand should be added, and they should not be mixed with oils of different brands. Oils of the same brand but with different viscosity are allowed to be mixed.

4. When changing oil, wait for the reducer to cool down without burning danger, but still keep warm and hot, because after complete cooling, the oil viscosity increases and it is difficult to discharge oil.

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