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What Causes The Frequency Conversion Motor To Overheating?
Jan 22, 2019

The temperature rise of brake variable frequency motor is stable in normal operation and within the allowable range. The temperature rise is too high, or compared with the same kind of brake frequency conversion motor under the same working conditions, the temperature rise is obviously higher, which can be considered as overheating fault.

Overheating of brake variable frequency motor is often a comprehensive manifestation of motor failure, and is also the main cause of motor damage. The overheating of brake frequency conversion motor requires first to find the heat source, that is, it is caused by the heating of that part, and then to find out the causes of overheating of bearing and heat dissipation and other parts.

Rolling bearings are commonly used in medium and small brake frequency conversion motors. The heating of rolling bearings is caused by the friction between the ball and the inner and outer rings. The causes of bearing overheating are as follows:

1. Oil shortage.  

2. Too much oil or too thick oil.

3. Oil dirty, mixed with small particles of impurities.

4. Shaft bending. The bending of the axle should not exceed 2 mm as specified.

5. Correction of transmission device is incorrect, such as eccentricity, too tight transmission belt, etc., which increases the bearing pressure and friction.

6. Installation of end cap or bearing is not good, too tight or too loose.

7. The influence of axis current. Because of the reason of brake frequency converter manufacturing, the magnetic circuit is asymmetric, and the axis current is induced on the shaft, which causes eddy current heating.


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