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What Is A Right Angle Gearbox?
Jan 04, 2019


Through advanced processing technology and carburizing and hardening technology, the strength and service life of the right angle gearboxes are much higher than that of the worm reducer. In the design of the right angle gearbox, hypoid gears are adopted, the diameter of the axle is increased, and the bearing with higher bearing capacity is selected, which is suitable for the workplace where the torque requirement is more stringent.

2.Equipment method

--For2-4 stage,three are all solid shaft,hollow shaft with straight key and hollow shaft with shrink disc.

--Three kinds of outputting types,six installation faces and eight installation position. Backstop can be fixed to rotate in single direction. High power can be equipped to achieve high capacity.

--Installation form: horizontal installation, vertical installation.


 1). High efficiency and energy saving: slip friction is small, up to 98%.

 2). Small size: hypoid gear center distance of right angle gearbox reduces by 30% compared with worm gear center distance.

 3). Low Noise: Running Noise is Lower than Bevel Gear

 4). High Strength and Long Life

 5). Easy to install, suitable for various industrial fields.

4.Applicable conditions

1.The peripheral speed of gear transmission of the right angle gearbox is no more than 20m/s and the speed of high-speed shaft is no more than 1500 r/min.

2.The operation ambient temperature of gearbox is-40℃-+45℃.

3.The reducers can run both CW and CCW direction in principle.

5.Application area

The right angle gearbox is suitable for transmission in automatic and semi-automatic equipment such as precise conveying, lifting, printing, packaging, medical treatment, food, electronics and so on. It is also very suitable for supporting devices in film and television equipment, stage lighting, fitness equipment and other facilities.

6.Attentions for installation and use:

Ambient temperature: - 10℃ - 40℃.

Environmental humidity: below 85% (no dew point).

Installation environment: non-corrosive gas, flammable and explosive gas and steam, dust-free, well-ventilated indoor place_Installation surface: Fixed the finished plane with four bolts_

Installation Direction: Because of the use of grease lubrication method, the hole size tolerance of coupling, pulley and other connectors installed on reducer in any direction is H7. When connecting directly, it is necessary to ensure that the reducer is consistent with the axle center of the matching machine.

◆In the case of chain, belt and gear, it is necessary to ensure that the axle of reducer is parallel to the supporting axle. The line connecting the two axle centers should be installed in the right angle direction with the axle. When installing the supporting parts on the output axle, please do not use hammer to strike violently so as to avoid damaging the parts inside the reducer.


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