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What Is The Difference Between Frequency Changer And Reduction Gearbox?
Nov 16, 2018

Frequency changer is used to change the frequency to meet the needs of changing the output speed, while reduction gearbox and accelerator are used to change the output speed by the number of teeth of gears. Here I will talk about the specific differences.

The difference between gear reducer and frequency converter: gear reducer reduces the speed of motor (motor) by mechanical transmission device, and frequency converter is the intention of adjusting AC frequency to reach motor (motor) speed.

When the inverter speeds down the motor speed, it can achieve the intention of saving energy. Domestic comparison of famous frequency changers production company has three crystal, Ying Wei Teng and so on. The speed reducer is a relatively fine machine. The purpose of its use is to reduce the speed and add torque.


                                                                   R Series Helical Gearbox

Its varieties are complex, different types, different varieties have different uses. Varieties of reducers are complex, which can be divided into gear reduction box, worm gearboxes and planetary gear reducer according to transmission type, and single-stage and multi-stage gear reducer motor according to different transmission series.

According to the shape of the gear, it can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gearbox and bevel-cylindrical gear reducer. According to the way of transmission placement, it can be divided into expansion type, shunt type and coaxial type gearmotors.

Different kinds of gearboxes(gearmotors) and the frequency converteronverter is the intention of adjusting the AC frequency to reach the geared motor (motor) speed. When the inverter speeds down the motor speed, it can achieve the intention of saving energy.

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