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Why Does The Gearbox Have Noise, Large Clearance And Heating Up?
Sep 01, 2018

    That's because the gear and bearing of the gearbox are broken.

    The performance of gear and bearing of the gearbox are broken down------ having noise, large clearance and heating up.


Spr Planetary Gearbox

The reasons for bearing damage in gearbox are:

   1. The bearing cavity is not cleaned or the grease is not clean.

    For example, the small rigid material in the bearing cage is not thoroughly cleaned up, and the damage of the bearing raceway during operation causes excessive temperature rise and burns out the bearing. The solution is that the gear box cleaning and maintenance machine uses the original lubricating oil of the gear box to clean the gear box, without adding any cleaning agent, it will not cause secondary pollution to the gears; the filtered oil can also be reused in low-end occasions to achieve the reuse of resources.

   2. Because the temperature of the motor is too high, and the bearing oil supplement is not timely caused by oil shortage or even burned.

   3The improper assembly of bearings.

   Such as cold assembly of non-uniform knock bearing ring wear, resulting in the loss of interference between the bearing ring and the inner ring of the bearing fit or interference reduction, the appearance of running inner ring phenomenon, motor end cap when the non-uniform knock lead to the end cap bearing chamber and the outer ring of the bearing fit too loose running outer ring phenomenon. Whether the inner ring or the outer ring will cause the temperature of the bearing to rise sharply and burn down, especially the failure of the inner ring will cause serious wear and bending of the shaft. However, the discontinuous running outer ring generally does not cause a sharp rise in bearing temperature, as long as the bearing is in good condition, allowing the existence of discontinuous running outer ring phenomenon.

    4. Because of the axial misalignment of the stator and rotor core or the inadequate precision after machining the rotating shaft, the inner and outer rings of the bearing are not in a tangent plane, which causes the temperature of the bearing to rise after running "other strength" until burning out.

   5. Bearing replacement, motor end cover nested after interference or ellipticity exceeding the standard caused by bearing ball clearance too small or uneven operation friction force of bearing increased, temperature rose sharply until burned.

   6. Because of different types of grease mixed use cause bearing damage.

   7. The standby machine is not running for a long time, the grease is deteriorated, the bearing is rusty and not overhauled.

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