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Why Is The Utilization Rate Of DC Deceleration Motor Higher?
Dec 07, 2018

At present, deceleration motors are used in the additive and subtractive transmission mechanism of various general mechanical equipment in steel, machinery and other industries.


There are many kinds of deceleration motors, which can be divided into five categories: high-power gear deceleration motor, coaxial helical gear deceleration motor, parallel helical gear deceleration motor, spiral bevel gear deceleration motor and YCJ series gear deceleration motor. These five kinds of gear deceleration motors are also called DC deceleration motors. This kind of motor is based on ordinary DC motors and has a matching gear reducer. The installation of gear reducer is mainly to reduce the speed of the reducer, thereby increasing the torque. Different wheel reducers provide different speed and torque for the reducer. Therefore, the utilization rate of DC deceleration motor in the automation industry. 

Next, let's take a look at its advantages:

1. Due to the use of production technology, its products have a relatively high scientific and technological content.

2. The product design considers the practical problem of saving space, and its design is simple.

3. In terms of energy saving, DC deceleration motors generally use predominant forged steel materials, cast iron boxes, gear surface curvature after frequency heat treatment, etc. The efficiency of the decelerator is relatively low and energy consumption is low.

4. Processing with higher precision has formed the electromechanical integration configuration of the reducer and improved the quality of the equipment.

5. The concept of systematic and modular design is that the applicability of equipment is comparatively wide.


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