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Why The Electric Motor Will Not Be Energized After A Long Period Of Use?
Dec 04, 2018

The gear reducer electric motor may not be charged after a long period of use, and the reasons for this situation can be summarized as follows.

1. The joints of each conductor are loose or fall off, and the wrapping of the conductor is damaged, resulting in short circuit.

2. The fan pulley is loose or slippery with oil.

3. The commutator of the motor is worn out, burned or greasy, the magnetic field coil is broken or short-circuited, the armature coil is broken or short-circuited, the rectifier is short-circuited, and the insulated carbon brush frame is built.

4. The regulator or or throttle contacts of the electric motor are ablated or contaminated, the balance resistance is broken, the bridge line of the throttle is burned down, the spring tension of the throttle is weak, the air gap is too small, the limit voltage of the throttle is too low, the closing voltage of the disconnector is too high or the shunt coil is broken.

The reasons for the non-charging of gear reducer motor are different. We can proceed from the above aspects and make a reference, which can reduce our inspection time and do a good job of repairing in time.


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