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Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearbox is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. It is suitable for high-speed axle speed not more than 1500 rpm, gear drive circumferential speed not more than 20 m/s, working environment temperature is -40℃~+45℃.
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Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

1. Product description
The gears of the parallel shaft gearboxes are made of high strength low carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching. The surface hardness of the gears is high. The gears are all grinded by NC grinding process, with high accuracy, good contact, high transmission efficiency, smooth operation and low noise. They are small in size, light in weight, long in service life and high in carrying capacity. They are easy to disassemble and inspect, and easy to install.

Technical parameters:

Nominal ratio:

Single-stage     1.25-5.6        14 types

Double-stage      6.3-20         11 types

Three-stage      22.4-100        14 types

Four-stage        112-500        14 types

2.Assembly form:

--Level 2-4 all have solid shaft, flat key with hollow shaft, shrinkage disk with hollow shaft

--Three output modes, six mounting surfaces and four mounting positions can be equipped with backstop to meet the needs of one-way rotation, and can be equipped with high power to achieve high load-carrying capacity.

3.Competitive Advantages:

 1).High transmission efficiency and strong bearing capacity

 2).Flexible proportioning and convenient combination

 3).Easy installation

 4).Reasonable cost

 5).Realizable modular design

 6).Trends, etc.

4.Applicable conditions
 1).Max.speed of high-speed shaft shall not be more than 1500r/min.
 2).Peripheral speed of gear shall not be more than 20m/s.
 3).Working environmental temperature is -40~+45°C.
 4).Can be used for run in both positive and negative direction. 

5.Application area

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes are can be used widely in over ten fields,such as metallurgy、mine、machine、energy、transportation、water conservancy、chemical industry、light industry、printing package、pharmacy、food、textile、building、tobacco、matter flowing、environment protection、health. 

6.Terms of Payment

Irrevocable L/C at sight,30% by T/T in advance.

7. Product Pictures

Parallel Shaft Polygon Hard-Tooth-Faced Gearboxes主图.JPG

8. Our Factory

9. Our Certificate

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10.Our Package

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12. Parameters needed for selecting

In order to guarantee that your final selection is both economic and reliable,pls provide as far as possible the following parameters during selection,so that we can check the accuracy of the selection.

If you need the detailed info,Pls click here → Parameters needed for gearbox selection

13. FAQ

1.How about your packing?        

  Small size:standard export packing(carton and plled).    

  Big size:Fumigation wood carton or non-wood material carton.

2.What information should be given,if I buy gearboxes from you?

  Rated power,gearboxes ratio,input speed,mounting position,more details,better.

3.How much does it cost to ship to my country?

  It depends on seasons. Fee is different in different seasons. You can consult us at all times.

14. How to contact us?


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