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Right Angle Gearbox

The right angle gearbox is not restricted by the direction of output shaft, and is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. There are 26 types of specifications for the two-stage to four-stage transmission. It can provide various output axle shaft types and hollow shaft series products, so that users can choose and install more flexibly and conveniently.
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Right Angle Gearbox

1. Product description
The hypoid gear of the right angle gearbox is made of special steel through advanced processing technology and carburizing and hardening technology, and its strength and life are much higher than that of the worm gear reducer. In the design of the right angle gearbox gear reducer, the reduction box with high strength is adopted, the diameter of the axle is increased, and the bearing with higher bearing capacity is selected, which is suitable for the workplace where the torque requirement is more stringent.

Technical parameters:

Nominal ratio

Double-stage         8-14        5  types

Three-stage         16-50        11 types

Four-stage          56-355       17 types

Torque:85-900000 N.m 

The hardness of the tooth surface :60±2HRC,

Grinding accuracy of the tooth surface: 5-6 grades.

2.Equipment method

 - Output mode: solid shaft,hollow shaftwith straight key,hollow shaft with shrinkage disk

 - Installation form: horizontal installation, vertical installation.

3. Characteristics

1. Low noise

Compared with bevel gears and turbines, the contact area is larger, the transmission capacity is stronger, and the operation silence has no vibration.

2. High efficiency

Compared with bevel gears and turbines, the reduction ratio is higher and the low temperature rise is higher. 

3. Lightweight, compact, cost-saving, space-saving

Integrated design, firm and compact, to minimize the weight of the motor, save installation space. A kind of

4. No maintenance

Special grease is durable, no need to replace to ensure that the motor can be installed at any angle or tilt.

5. Strong and durable

Gears are made of molybdenum steel with high strength and reliable and durable shell. A kind of

6. Can adapt to a variety of working conditions, provide a variety of brake motor specific voltage motor.

4. Application area

The right angle gearbox is suitable for transmission in automatic and semi-automatic equipment such as precise conveying, lifting, printing, packaging, medical treatment, food, electronics and so on. It is also very suitable for supporting devices in film and television equipment, stage lighting, fitness equipment and other facilities.


5. Applicable conditions

 1).The peripheral speed of gear transmission of the right angle gearbox is no more than 20m/s and the speed of high-speed shaft is no more than 1500 r/min.

 2).The operation ambient temperature of gearbox is-40℃-+45℃.

 3).The reducers can run both CW and CCW direction in principle.

6. Product Pictures

Orthogonal Servo Gearboxes主图.JPG

7.Packaging & Delivery

 - Packing details: To be packed in wooden cases.

 - Loading Port: Shanghai,China

 - Delivery time: Within 25-35 working days after we have received the full payment. 

包装图片 1工厂包装0_副本

8. Terms of payment

  30% by T/T in advance.

9. Attentions for installation and use

 1).Ambient temperature: - 10℃ ~ +40℃.

 2).Environmental humidity: below 85% (no dew point).

 3).Installation environment: non-corrosive gas, flammable and explosive gas and steam, dust-free, well-ventilated indoor places

 4).Installation surface: Fixed finish plane with four bolts

 5).Installation Direction: Because of the use of grease lubrication method, the hole size tolerance of coupling, pulley and other connectors installed on reducer in any direction is H7. _

★When installing matching parts on the output shaft, please do not hit hard with a hammer to avoid damaging the internal parts of the reducer.

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11. Our Factory

12. Our Certificate

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13. FAQ

1.Can I visit your factory?

Yes. SR people welcome friends all over the world to visit our factory. We can help you apply for invitation, make travel arrangement and so on.

2.What information should be given,if I buy gearboxes from you?

Rated power,gearboxes ratio,input speed,mounting position,more details,better.

3.Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are factory.

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