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Planetary Reducer

Planetary Cycloidal Pinwheel Gear Reducer

The planetary cycloidal pinwheel gear reducer is a relatively new type of transmission mechanism. Its unique stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer in many cases, because the planetary cycloid reducer has high speed ratio and efficiency, compact structure, small volume, stable operation and low noise, reliable use, long life, reasonable design, convenient maintenance, easy decomposition and installation and other characteristics..
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Planetary cycloidal pinwheel gear reducer

1. Product description

Planetary cycloidal pinwheel gear reducer is a speed reducing device taking use of planetary driving principle,engaged by cycloidal pinwheel,with advanced design and novel structure.

Technical parameter:

Power;0.12-400 kw

Rotation of input-shaft:<1500r/min

Transmission Rate:single-stage 4~18,double-stage 20~125,three-stage 112~1250


2. Structure:

 The complete driving unit of planet cycloidal pinwheel gear reducer may be divided into three parts:input;reducing;output.

  The coupled-type reducer may be assembled together with Series Y special motor and Series Y derived special motor,e.g. YA increased safety motor,YB flame-proof motor,YCT speed regulating motor,YEJ brake motor,etc.And it may be coupled with standard motors of various types via motor flange,e.g. Series NEMA,Series IEC,Series Y, Series YA,Series YB,Series YEJ,Series YCT,Series YD,and Series ZD motors.


Structure of single-stage reducer(foot mounting type)

 1.Output shaft     2.Fastening ring     3.Gland     4.Horizontal frame       5.Input shaft     6.Rent cap   7.Eccentric sleeve       8.Pin shaft        9.Pin bush       10.Pin gear enclosure     11.Spacing ring      12.Pin gear sleeve       13.Pin gear pin

     14.Cycloidal wheel     15.flange    16.Fan blade    17.Fan hood    18.Input shaft fastening ring    19.Oil indicator

3. Features:

1.Small size and light weight

2.Fewer fault and long service life

3.Reliable and stable operation

4.Great gear ratio:the gear ratio is 1/7-1/87 by single-stage reducing;the gear ratio is 1/99-1/7569 by two-stage reducing

5.High driving efficiency

6.Convenient for assembling and disassembling,and easy for maintenance

7.This reducer also has the characteristics of strong overload capacity,strong shock resistance and small inertia moment of force,which is suitable for frequent starting and stopping,and rotating forward and backward.

4. Application scope

The reducer can be widely used in the speed reducing mechanism of various driving machines,e.g:craning、transportation、mining、metallurgy、petrochemical、textile、printing and dyeing、light industry、food、pharmacy、rubber、plastic、packing、beer、road-building、environmental and grain-oil machines,etc.


5. Terms of Payment

Irrevocable L/C at sight,30% by T/T in advance.   


6. Packaging & Delivery

Packing details:We usually use the fumigation wooden case packing,also can be customized according to customer service request.  

Loading Port: Shanghai,China

Delivery time: Within 25-35 working days after we have received the full payment


7. Order symbol 

For example:XWEDA-5.5-8160-29-Z


8. Our service

  1).We supply detail answers about technical questions.

  2).Different kinds of payment are available for you.

  3).We are the factory so we could supply the products as soon as possible.

  4).At the instance of our dear customer, we can do some nonstandard design.

9. Product Pictures

NGW Series Planetary Gear Reducers.JPG97IMG_20161011_104526_副本




10.  Our Factory

11.  Our Certificate

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12. FAQ

1.Q:What's your MOQ for each series gearboxes?      

   A:1 unit is OK for different types gearboxes motor.  

2.Q:What about your warranty for your gear reducer with motor?

   A:One year,but except man-made destroyed.

2.Q:What information should be given,if I buy gearboxes from you?

   A:Rated power,gearboxes ratio,input speed,mounting position,more details,better.

13. How to contact us?


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