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Terms Of Use

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1.This series of products(hereinafter referred to as products)is suitable for continuous work, allowing work in positive and negative direction.

2.When the output shaft and the input shaft are extended to cooperate with other parts, direct hammering is not allowed to prevent damage.The screw holes at the shaft ends should be pressed in with screws.

3.The key of the output shaft and the input shaft extension is ordinary flat key,which is in conformity with the GB1095-79 "flat key and keyway" tolerance requirements.

4.Overload protection should be installed in cases where the overload is likely to be installed to prevent the damage of the machine parts due to the large torque transmitted of the various original motives.

5.Shall not exceed the permitted rated power or torque.

6.Using a coupling to make the reducer(no pole variable transmission)connected to the working machine,the axis should be concentric,and the installation error of the reducer should not be greater than the allowable error value of the coupling used.

7.When the external(or the bottom foot mounted)reducer is installed on the basis,the product should be changed into the cushion block after the product is calibrated.The configuration of the pad should avoid the deformation of the machine parts.

8.When the product is installed,the application of hand rotation is flexible.

9.After the product is installed,trial operation must be carried out before it is formally used,and then gradually loaded and operated under normal operation conditions.

10.When the impact is larger and the starting frequency is frequent,the base and the basis should be equipped with locating pins or hydraulic coupling.

11.In general,the output axis of the horizontal(the bottom foot)product is in the horizontal position.When must be tilted,axis angle of the axle center line is not more than 15 degrees(output shaft extension end),and the vertical(the flange type)product output shaft is used vertically downward.

12.Before testing the machine,we must check the lubricating oil in the machine whether adopts the specified lubricating oil(grease)and oil level to reach the prescribed position.

13.Infinitely variable speed working environment temperature should not exceed 40 degrees,oil pool temperature rise does not exceed 45 degrees,the maximum oil temperature is generally not more than 75 degrees Celsius.

14.When the product is manufactured,the speed limiting screw has been adjusted to the extreme position.Arbitrary adjustment is not allowed in order to avoid damage to the machine.

15.The infinitely variable speed machine must be adjusted under the condition of starting up,and no downtime speed regulation is strictly prohibited.

16.Users should pay special attention to the operation procedures and lubrication requirements specified on the product label.



1.The products of Starred-River series are mainly oil bath lubrication.

2.Oil transfer system.The first refueling operation 500 hours then replace of new oil,and clean the oil dirt.At the second time,when the machine work more than 1000-1200 hours,replace of new oil(grease).Afterwards every 2000 working hours, replace of the new oil(grease),and clean the oil dirt at the same time.If the temperature of working conditions are too bad(such as working environment temperature is high,and the large dust,etc.),the oil replacement time should be shortened appropriately.In the operation of various speed reducers(infinitely variable speed machine),the amount of oil in the machine must keep the specified height of the oil level,not too much or too little.Open the engine seat or the cap on the flange to supplement the oil injection,the lubricant is reconsidered in the case of high temperature or low temperature.

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