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SCW Shaft-mounted Arc Cylindrical Worm Reducer

SCW Shaft-mounted Arc Cylindrical Worm Reducer

SCW series arc cylindrical worm reducer is directly mounted on the spindle of machine,it has three series SCWU、SCWS and SCWO,mainly speed reducing for machines in metallurgy.mining,craning,transportation.chemical and architectural industry.
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SCW Shaft-mounted Arc Cylindrical Worm Reducer

1. Product description
SCW series shaft-mounted arc cylindrical worm reducer can get a large transmission ratio, its load-carrying capacity is much higher than that of staggered helical gear mechanism worm transmission is equivalent to helical transmission, which is multi-tooth meshing transmission, so the transmission is stable, the noise is small and self-locking.

Technical parameters:

Power: 0.12 kw-160 kw

Angular moment: 50 N.m-28000 N.m

Transmission rate:5-63

2. Characteristics

 1). Large transmission ratio

 2). Load-carrying capacity

 3). Smooth transmission, low noise and self-locking

3. Application area

Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical industry, construction and other mechanical equipment deceleration drive.

4. Operation conditions:

1.The worm shaft speed for the reducer is no more than 1500r/min,ambient temperature -40℃~+40℃

2.when the ambient temperature is below 0℃,before starting the lube must be heated up to above 0℃

3.The reducer can rotate both CCW and CW.

5. Model

SCWU Series: SCWU 63-SCWU 100

             SCWU 125-SCWU 315

SCWS Series: SCWS 63-SCWS 100

             SCWS 125-SCWS 315

SCWO Series: SCWO 63-SCWO 100

             SCWO 125-SCWO 315

6. Type and Sign


SCWU type-shaft-mounted arc cylindrical worm reducer with worm under worm gear

SCWS type--shaft-mounted arc cylindrical worm reducer with worm at side of worm gear

SCWO type-shaft-mounted arc cylindrical worm reducer with worm above worm gear


7. After-sale service

 1).Quick and safe delivery .

 2).One-year warranty period.

 3).The photos and films of production process will be reported to you.

 4).The service hotline is on duty 24 hours and responds within 24 hours.

8. Product Pictures

Worm Gearboxes for Stepper Motor.JPG

 1).The Outline Dimension and Assembling form for SCWU 63-SCWU 100

SCWU 63-SCWU 100

2).The Outline Dimensoin and Assembling form for SCWO 125-SCWO 315

SCWO 125-SCWO 315

Worm Gearboxes for Stepper Motor安装图.jpg

3).The Rated Input Power and Rated Output Torque

Rated input power and output

9. Our Factory

10. Our Certificate

sts certificate.jpg

11. FAQ

1.Q:What about your warranty for your gear reducer with motor?

  A:One year,but except man-made destroyed.

2.Q:How about your payment terms?      

  A:TT,total payment by T/T in advance.  

3.Q:How about your packing?        

  A:Small size:standard export packing(carton and plled).    

  Big size:Fumigation wood carton or non-wood material carton.

4.Q:What information should be given,if I buy gearboxes from you?

  A:Rated power,gearboxes ratio,input speed,mounting position,more details,better.

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13. How to contact us?


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